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Are you ready to sell your home? Have you have prepared it, hired your listing agent, and been given an offer? You are on your way to a successful sale, but there is still one step left that could hinder your plans: a home inspection. Before buyers officially purchase your home, most will hire a home inspector. Homeowners want to be sure that your house will no unaccounted for problems. Here are a couple of tips to make sure your home passes with flying colors!

Hire an inspector yourself. Before your house is placed on the market, having an inspector investigate your home could bring to light problems or settle uncertainties. This is especially beneficial if the inspector does find a problem. You will then have an opportunity to fix it before the buyer sees the house and puts pressure on you to make the repairs. The areas that are addressed by the home inspector should be shared with the buyer, whether or not your repair them yourself or provide the buyer with a deal to fix it themselves.

Prepare for the inspector. When a buyer is becoming serious about purchasing your home, they will most likely hire an inspector whether or not you already have. There are ways to make yourself and your home more favorable to the inspector.

Declutter. Inspectors will specifically be looking at plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical systems, etc. Therefore, any area surrounding these appliances must be cleared. This includes under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, near the air conditioner, or by the outlets.

Clean. A clean home implies a house well taken care of. Make a good first impression on the inspector by having the home clean.

Prepared paperwork. All documentation of any reparations you have had on your home should all be stored in one folder. You want to be able to verify that you have taken care of the problems that the home has had.

Unlock everything. Home inspectors should have free access to every part of the home, the inside and the outside.

Leave. Pets and children running around the house can interrupt the inspector’s work. Be prepared to go out for a couple of hours with everyone in your family to allow the inspector to do their work.

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