In San Diego, new homes are being constructed at a rapid rate. With new homes, come different advantages. Here are 5 reasons why people prefer to purchase new over used homes.

  1. A new home can be designed the way you want it. In an old home, you are stuck with the design and layout, but can choose the set up and decorations. In a new home, you can pick the design, layout, set up, and decorations. Would you like an open floor plan, walk in closets, and a large master bathroom? Designing the home enables you to have the home the way you like it.
  2. A new home will be under warranty. With a used home, there is no guarantee on the quality, state, and age of the components in a home. You could end up investing money to redo the roof, the windows, or the counter tops. A new home provides you with products that are new and most likely of the latest design and of the best materials.
  3. A new home will be more energy efficient. Energy efficient homes will reduce costs. Older homes have windows that allow the air to flow in and out. A new home will provide you with double paned widows that maintain temperatures on the inside during heating and cooling season.
  4. A new home will have less maintenance. The materials and designs used for building homes are continually being improved. The methods used today are going to provide you better products than what you will find in an older home.
  5. A new home will be safer. In a new home, you can ensure that all of the electrical appliances are not going to be a fire hazard, that the heating and cooling systems are childproof, and that all features are not emitting volatile gases.

A new home provides specific advantages. The homeowner will not have to feel like they are living in someone else’s space, they will have new products and materials, and the home will depict the homeowner’s style; fitting their needs. It is no surprise that current homebuyers prefer to purchase a new home to a used one!