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Preparing for a Home Inspection

You are on your way to a successful sale, but there is still one step left that could hinder your plans: a home inspection... Read More..
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Take Note of These Home Inspection Red Flags

With the average one-bedroom home in Tacoma selling for $249,000 between November and December of 2019, paying for an inspection on a home you are considering buying is a wise decision. Almost all used homes have some type of maintenance need.…
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5 Signs It’s Time to Walk Away from a Home Purchase

With the cost of rent continuing to rise in Tacoma, you may find yourself considering buying a home. Regardless if this is your first home purchase or your 5th, the investment always brings emotion, stress, and endless decision-making. Chances…
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Have A Hard Time Sleeping? Make These 3 Changes

People love to sleep. It does not matter what culture they come from, how old they are, or what they do in life, people treasure the ability to sleep and to sleep well. A lack of sleep can make or break a day. When someone does not sleep well,…
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Find the Right Real Estate Agent in Tacoma, WA

Get a referral from a trusted source Make sure they have their certifications Local agents are best You need an Agent that communicates well The truth is, you do not need to work with a Real Estate Agent to purchase your home.…
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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Beach Property

San Diego is quite possibly the best place to live. You can’t beat the sound of the ocean, the coastal breeze, or the scenic views. With perfect weather year-round, residing in a beach house simply takes the cake when it comes to coastal living!…
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Advice for Second-Time Home Buyers

When it comes to settling down, it can be difficult to find the home of your dreams. Although buying your first home is not an easy process, the second go-around can be much more favorable if you apply your newly learned homebuyer knowledge! It’s…
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Choosing the Right Size Home for Your Family

Everyone’s searching for home sweet home, but finding that perfect place to put down roots for your family is a tough decision. One of the many, important factors to consider is the size of the home. Picking a place that’s the right size…
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Myths of Home Improvement Shows

Improve-and-flip television shows certainly make home makeovers and renovations enticing, don’t they? They take the ugliest home on the block and unveil a gorgeous transformation all while making extravagant amounts of money on the deal. Where…
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California Plumbing Fixture Requirements [Infographic]

Water efficient plumbing fixtures are not only beneficial in conserving water and reducing utility bills, but they are now a law that California home owners must follow. As of January 2017, residential property owners in California must replace…