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Selling your home is a big step that requires a lot of planning. Always consult your real estate agent before changing or improving your property. They know what is best for appealing to potential buyers in each market. To get ahead of the game, be sure to take care of these 5 tasks to complete before selling your home:

  1. Create a Welcoming Entrance

    The front door is one of the first things a buyer will notice about your house. Give the door a fresh coat of paint or clean off any built-up debris. Mow the grass and make sure the rest of the lawn is presentable and in good shape. It is also a good idea to fix any exterior defects such as a broken gutter that a buyer will notice. Remember- first impressions are lasting!

  2. Fix the Small Stuff

    Make sure to fix any broken faucets, unhinged doors, or anything of that nature. A homebuyer will easily notice any broken or outdated hardware. This could potentially steer them away from your property because they may wonder what else is broken or question who will pay for the cost of the updates. These fixings are usually inexpensive and quick to do. They will also make a big difference.

  3. De-personalize The Home

    You may find it uncomfortable to take down family pictures and other sentimental items, but de-personalization is helpful so that buyers can imagine themselves in the home. It will be easier for buyers to picture the house as their own when personal items are removed. Keeping the house a clean slate will give buyers more to work with. Don’t go overboard with clearing out the house, however, because some decorative items are helpful with the staging process.

  4. Stage The House

    When you are planning for open houses, cleaning up and adding little touches can drastically enhance the home’s appearance. Add a vase of fresh flowers to the dining room or kitchen to give the room a simple pop of color. Be sure to set the table with placemats and matching dining sets to give the dining room a more homey feeling. Don’t be afraid to call in a professional to help ensure that everything looks just right.

  5. Snap Some Pictures

    After your home is cleaned and fixed up, have your Realtor grab his or her camera or consider hiring a real estate photographer. This is a great marketing move that will help your home look its best. Good photos allow buyers to get a good idea of your house online and spark their interests to actually view it. The home’s presentation in the photographs will help sell your house.

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