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When looking to sell your home, it needs to be appealing to an array of buyers, reaching the interest of the most number of people possible. You want the home to be modern, but not too modern where it seems like a showroom. You want it to feel lived-in, but not too lived-in where the buyer cannot picture himself or herself living there. Staging a home is about finding balance. Decorating your home with the most recent fashion trends is not the method to do achieve this. Trends are temporary and do not reach the maximum number of buyers. The following trends should be avoided at all costs:

  1. Wallpaper. It went out of style for many decades but is becoming popular once again. Wallpaper enables the homeowner to be able to add special designs and color to a room. It makes a home unique to the current homeowner. But, wallpaper causes the homebuyer to not be able to envision himself or herself in that home.
  2. Bright painted walls. Following the most exciting color trends is not going to make a home more marketable. Though you may like the bold colors, it is a hit or miss with homebuyers. Neutral colors are the best choice. The trending colors can be added to the room by including decorations like lamps and rugs.
  3. Brass. Similar to wallpaper coming back into trend, brass fixtures are also on their way in. Though people may like it now, there is no saying on how long it will last.
  4. Open shelving. Cabinets without doors have become increasingly popular. The problem: some people are confused about why there are no doors. To reach the most number of buyers, do not let them wonder where the doors went.

Wallpaper, bright walls, brass, and open shelves, home decorating ideas that may look fashionable today but have the potential to be unfashionable tomorrow.

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