Satisfied agents are and always have been the best performers. That is why Chunyk Group in San Diego is committed to providing an experience for both the agent and the client that is second to none. We do this by supporting our agents to the fullest degree, encouraging their innovation, and working as a team, something in stark contrast to the typical cutthroat offices you are used to experiencing.

Why Is Chunyk Group Different? And Why Do You Want To Work With Us?

The real estate industry is rife with abuses: unfair splits, outrageous desk fees, and a ubiquitous sink-or-swim approach that is a detriment to promising talent. Chunyk Group was founded on the belief that these things can be changed and in turn, we can make the entire experience better for all parties involved.

If you’re a real estate agent or are thinking of becoming an agent, here are some of the top reasons you’ll want to talk to Chunyk Group.

  • We are a true no-fee agency. Many firms call themselves “no fee” or “no desk fee” firms, relying on indirect or “the small print” to hide the charges they bill their agents. Chunyk Group however, is a true no fee agency. We don’t charge desk fees, access fees, or monthly dues of any sort. Agents are responsible for their own association and E&O dues/subscriptions, their transaction coordinator expenses, and a ninety-five dollar administration fee per deal, all of which would be applicable anywhere you go.
  • We are highly selective. Many agencies are really glorified turnstiles whose business model relies on collecting desk fees and high splits from all but the very best agents. The end result is practically an “open door” policy for contracting new agents. Chunyk Group’s business depends on quality agents. We understand that working alongside top performers and hand-picked, dedicated agents fosters an atmosphere of accomplishment and success for all. This is why we put substantial effort into making sure that every one of our agents has the best opportunity to be successful.
  • Robust lead-gathering. Unlike many agencies that place the entire burden of lead generation on their agents, Chunyk Group is one of the few realty firms in San Diego that not only provides targeted leads but also provides a marketing budget for its new agents.
  • Innovative marketing. Chunyk Group hires and works hand in hand with a marketing company to make sure that we are innovative, up-to-date, and cutting edge, all in an effort to give our agents new avenues for outreach while optimizing existing efforts. We have a very unique clientele, and we believe it is important to use new technology and ways of communicating to effectively reach these people.
  • A progressive online presence. The real estate market is increasingly dependent on a compelling online experience. Chunyk Group works diligently to innovate our online presence to keep agents connected and in touch, but more importantly to satisfy the needs of our future clients.
  • A unique experience. We are very proud to be a boutique agency where, unlike the large brokerage houses, our agents do not get lost in the crowd. We pride ourselves on being an exclusive group of agents focusing on upscale sales and rentals.

Experienced agents

Already have a book of business and/or years of experience in real estate? We’d love to talk with you about how we can help you grow your business and expand your goals. Our splits are competitive and open to negotiation depending on particulars, and you’ll work with a group of agents where your experience and knowledge is treated with respect.

New agents / new to the field

If you think being a real estate agent is in your future or if you recently passed the California state exam and now have your license, consider starting your career with Chunyk Group. You’ll receive hands-on support to grow your business and, with the right attitude and dedication, you’ll meet and exceed your revenue goals.

Considering a license?

Contact us to discuss our recommendations for obtaining a real estate license in California.