Money Needed for a Down Payment

There are lenders who offer lower down payments, some as low as 5 percent or even 3.5 percent if it is an FHA-insured loan.. Read More..
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Finding a Good Neighborhood

There are certain characteristics about neighborhoods that increase the risk in investing in property at that location... Read More...
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Preparing for a Home Inspection

You are on your way to a successful sale, but there is still one step left that could hinder your plans: a home inspection... Read More..
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Summertime Home Buyers

But before deciding that summer is the best time for you to invest in a home, educate yourself with the pros and cons of buying a home this time of the year... Read More..
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Veteran Home Loans and Mortgages

Unlike the case for most people purchasing a home, veterans will not have to make a down payment or buy their own mortgage insurance... Read More..

Buying Your First Affordable Home

The benefit of buying your own home can include: security in ownership, control of meeting your own wants and needs in a home, tax benefits, and strengthening your credit.. Read More..
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San Diego Housing Market is Getting Hotter

After an uneventful autumn, San Diego County’s housing market returned with vigorous price appreciation this January, showing its biggest gain for that month since 2004... Read More..
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To Buy or To Build a Home in San Diego

So you've finally reached that pivotal moment where you are ready to buy a house. Then you realize the next biggest decision...To buy or to build?... Read More..

5 Steps For First-Time Home Buyers

Are your dreaming of becoming a first-time homeowner in 2014. If so follow our 5 easy-to-accomplish steps to help you realize your dream. Read More..