Becoming a first-time home buyer in San Diego comes with many thrills and challenges. The benefit of buying your own home can include: security in ownership, control of meeting your own wants and needs in a home, tax benefits, and strengthening your credit. However, one of the difficulties a first-time homebuyer may face is related to finances. A first-time homeowner needs to have money for a down payment and be accepted for a loan. Then, they have to learn to balance all of the costs that come with buying a new home. If you are looking to purchase your first home at an affordable price, this is what you need to consider. It will enable you to keep costs to a minimum.

The San Diego housing market- The first step is discovering the price range of houses in the area. A San Diego Realtor will be able to help you find housing and neighborhood options. They will have local knowledge and may be able to present you with possibilities that you may have not considered.

Your priorities- Make a list of the essentials you need in the style, size, and location of a home. These should be items that are necessities. This list will vary for each person and should be discussed with your significant other or family. Then, you can prioritize the list together. Some examples: if you are married and have two children, does each child need to have their own bedroom? Do you need the house to be close to a school because of transportation and your work hours? Next, create a list of wants. These will be your unnecessary items, or perks that will be an added bonus if found. With an open mind and a list of priorities, you are more likely to discover an affordable home.

Your abilities- Consider what skills you have in order to make repairs on your own. Most people believe they need to purchase a home in perfect condition. However, if you are on a tight budget, there are certain skills that you can bring to the table to cut down the costs. Can you paint, or garden, or fix a window? If not, do you know someone you trust who can do those tasks at a reasonable price? Simple repairs and maintenance in one area may enable you to have an extra luxury you could not afford in a house in pristine condition. A home inspector can help in determining the costs of the repairs.

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